Bookings & Tickets

Are there any scheduled closed days?

The facilities are open year-round with no closed days. (Maybe closed without prior notice due to extenuating circumstances.)

How do I make a booking?

Advance bookings are on sale on our dedicated website. Please see this page for details.

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday : 11am – 8pm
Friday : 11am – 10pm
Saturday : 10am – 10pm
Sunday : 10am – 8pm

・In the case of advance bookings, admission starts at a specified time.

Facility Overview

Are there any use restrictions or age restrictions?

[Use Restrictions] Those applicable to any of the following may not use the facility.
・Those feeling unwell
・Intoxicated persons
・Those with a weak heart
・Those who easily become sick on vehicles or rides
・Pregnant women
・Those who have consumed alcohol are unable to try certain activities.

[Age Restrictions]
Those 6 or older may enjoy VR activities as well. (There are some VR activities that cannot be used by those 6 or older but less than 13 years of age).
Those under 13 years of age require the consent of a guardian.
・We ask that guardians agree to the following for children 7 or older but less than 13 years of age before they use the activities.
・We ask that you always adhere to the usage restrictions for each activity.
・Please do not allow children to use activities with content deemed unsuitable by their guardian(s).
・Please take a 10-15 minute break after each activity.
・Children may experience eye strain, dizzyness, loss of balance, nausea, or motion sickness. If your child experiences any unwellness, please have them stop and rest until they recover.
・For children with strabismus (crossed eyes or other eye alignment conditions), polyopia (double vision), other eyesight abnormalities/opthalmological issues, or who is otherwise frequenting an opthalmologist, please have your child use the activity after consulting with a medical specialist.

VR Activities