NextVR Finally Available on Vive via SteamVR

NextVR, a company specializing in live VR broadcasting of sports and entertainment content, has finally launched their app on SteamVR after several months of listing it as “coming soon.” While the app has previously been available on Vive via HTC’s Viveport platform since early last year, Vive users who exclusively use SteamVR haven’t had access.

NextVR is a leading figure in the world of VR video, offering some of the highest quality and best produced made-for-VR video content available anywhere; the company handles both production and distribution of content.

The NextVR app launched initially way back in 2015 on Gear VR, and eventually found its way to Daydream. In the second half of 2017 it began rolling out to PC VR platforms starting with Windows VR, and became available the Oculus Rift, Vive (via Viveport), and Oculus Go in 2018. Now with the app’s launch on SteamVR this week, the immersive video platform is available on every major VR platform and headset.

The SteamVR version of the app also supports the Rift and Windows VR headsets but, as noted, it’s been available to those headsets for some time now on their official platforms.

NextVR’s app offers content captured at live events like sports, concerts, and more, but also features a handful of original productions like a made-for-VR ‘paranormal investigation’ show called Paranormal Evidence. The company also broadcasts a handful of live events, including live broadcasts of some NBA games. A full schedule of upcoming content is available on the NextVR website.